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Confusion, frustration mounting as Saskatoon Airport construction continues - Saskatoon

Confusion, frustration mounting as Saskatoon Airport construction continues – Saskatoon

Construction at Saskatoon International Airport is entering into the final stretch, but it is leading to some confusion and frustration for travellers.

“It’s complicated to get in and out,” said Elinor Wright. “I was hoping to be able to park closer but I’m way, way back and couldn’t seem to get around here, so a little more signage would be nice.”

“It’s going to be great when it’s finished, I know. It’s just right now, it’s quite an inconvenience,” said Jeanne Smith.

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Such travel headaches will be worth, though, officials say.

“There certainly has been customers that would feel the pain, I guess is the best way to say it — the short-term pain, that is — to gain the long term benefits that we’re going to see from the project,” said Saskatoon Airport Authority President & CEO Stephen Maybury.

And Maybury says the airport has been taking steps in an effort to minimize disruptions.

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“Ensuring that the walking distances are as short as possible is something that went into the planning, as you can see wayfinding within the building, so the arrows that are on the floor, one end is for the loading zone, public loading and the other end is for car rentals,” Maybury said. “So we’ve taken these wayfinding measures to try and make it as simple as possible.”

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In the end, officials say, the construction will increase efficiency while adding more parking.

“The pavement is being restored,” Maybury said, raising an example. “It was older pavement that had met its life, so we’re restoring all of that pavement. In doing so, we’re expanding the capacity of the groundside as well, so we’re actually moving from a single lane to two lanes out the front of our building that will allow for additional space, safety, capacity to take us a few years into future.”

Originally, the project was expected to be completed in late October, but that date has been pushed back.

“The work out front here, that’s supposed to be complete in mid November, contingent on the weather which has not necessarily been cooperating lately with as cold as it’s been,” said Maybury.

Travellers are advised to give themselves extra time when making their way to the airport.

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